Motorcycle Riding Courses in Ventura County and the High Desert

Learn to Ride VC

The highest rated motorcycle safety school in Southern California

With over 150 years of combined experience, we offer the best motorcycle training in the state of California. Most of our instructors have been riding for 30+ years and all take motorcycle safety to heart. We "live to ride" and strive to share our vast experience with our students. We have classes designed for those who are just learning to ride and we offer advanced classes for the seasoned riders who understand the value of lifelong learning. Learn to Ride VC places a high value on the importance of safety.

We perform regular maintenance on our fleet and our instructors are all trained in motorcycle safety procedures. What does this mean to you as our guest? You will receive the best training available and riding time. The more you ride, the more you learn. The quality of your training experience and your safety is what we are all about. We invite you to join us at Learn to Ride VC for rider training that will stay with you throughout your lifetime.

"I had an amazing time in early October here at Motorcycle Training Services Inc. Jon and his mate were outstanding! They were very knowledgeable, respectful, and fun. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, and I can't wait to come back to take the advanced training classes. Thank you!"
― Johnathon Asman
"Taking the beginner course at Learn to Ride VC has been one of the best investments I have ever made! Highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors Jose and Bob, welcoming and comfortable class room, extensive lineup of motorcycles at the range and super convenient weekend schedule. Highly recommend the course!"
― Dmitry Rogozhin
"I had an awesome experience here at Learn to Ride VC. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They genuinely cared about our success and it showed! I found out that Learn to Ride VC offers CHP CMSP MTC (Motorcyclist Training Course) classes which can get you a skills test waiver (DL389) and they also offer the CHP CMSP Total Control IRC (Intermediate Riding Clinic) and Total Control ARC (Advanced Riding Clinics) The classroom is located in a small industrial park off of Surfside Drive's North/South segment. Make sure you GPS/map your way here using a pin or the venue instead of an address, or you may find yourself on the beach as some GPS suites have trouble mapping correctly to the classroom. The range is located inside Camarillo Airport and there is a security gate, so don't be late to get to the designated shuttle pickup point or else you WILL not be able to get in. They said to come with an open mind regardless of your level of training, accept your coaching, respect the learning of your fellow classmates and you will see improvements in your riding gauranteed... I did all 3 and saw definite improvements and more confidence in my riding. I will definitely be back here to take the TC ARC L2 (Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2) Motorcycle riding is about continuous lifelong learning. Each class is like a good book... Just like a good book you can read over and over again, the IRC & ARC next level courses can be taken over & over again and they are totally worth it for all the life saving skills and enhanced proficiency you walk away with. Never stop learning!"
― Mic Palero
"Instructors went above and beyond. Very informative. Highly recommend this course. Zig & Dutchy on the range were excellent in helping. Larry was very informative in the class portion."
― Roberto Martinez
"Very informative. Instructors went above and beyond. Zig and Dutchy on the range were excellent in helping. Highly recommend this course."
― michael tell
"This class teaches the basics to safe motorcycle riding like clutch/throttle control, counter steering, emergency stopping, and more. Passing the class gets you a waiver for the DMV practical test, which is a huge help. This class is also a great way to dip your toes into the world of motorcycles without spending a ton of money. They even provide the motorcycles and helmets! If it turns out you don't like riding or are not capable of it, at least you know you had professional instruction, on someone else's bike, and you've only spent a small amount of money."
― Jeff M
"Enjoyed all 3 days of training. I'm horrible with names, but thanks to Mrs Janet and Jon for being such wonderful people. The lessons really helped me as a new rider. 🚲 😃 Now let's ryde High Desert."
― lil_whiskeythrottle909

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